Welcome to my new website

OMG! I have a website. This has been a long long LONG time coming. I have so much STUFF to put in here.

Thanks for taking the time to have a browse. I have a large catalogue of music I need to add as well as photos, footage, upcoming gig dates and stories from the road.

As an opener to this spangly new site I would just like to take a moment to say thanks to some spectacular people who have been my support crew on this musical journey. Here goes:

Firstly, I want to thank Paul Potiki who designed this site for me and is perhaps the most patient and encouraging web guru I know. Paul you’re a legend.
Also thanks to my awesome friend Garion for hosting this site for me. It’s such a great gift man. Thank you x
Sarah Flynn, thanks for all the support and all the brilliant industry tips you’ve been giving me. Love you.
Sarah McGahan, my super duper marketing magic woman. You’ve been unreal through this whole experience and such a waratah in the storm (ohh, like that one?)
Mum and Dad, you guys are the shiz! I love that I can always share my wacky ideas with you and have your support.
Dorien Itjsma. You are one hell of a woman and one excellent graphic artist. Thank you so so much for all the endless hours of tireless, not to mention free labour you have gifted to me. I love you heaps.
Geoff Burn for all your tireless hours in the studio with me and my bossiness. You’re so good at what you do brother.
Margie Curry for all the super duper photos you took for me because you believe in what I’m doing. RAD! http://www.margiecurry.com
Everyone who responds to my goofy facebook updates and bad quality gig footage. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You guys make me know I can do this.
And last but not least….Locky, you’re the man of my dreams. Thank you babe sniff

Any page suggestion you might have please let me know. I’m learning loads along the way and your feedback is priceless (standby Paulo)
I will endeavour to update this site regularly and keep fans old and new updated on what’s happening in the musical land of Anna van Riel.

The latest to date is that a) I am currently getting two new album covers for my albums Raw As! and Einey meiny Miney Mo. I hope to have these ready in the next 6 weeks along with more copies of Solar Panel so let me know if you want copies. These new covers are being designed by the afformentioned Dorien and her crazy business partner Daan. They’ve started a fantastic design business together called Driven By Dreams design. They incorporate Dorien’s amazing photgraphy with Daan’s amazing artwork. Check them out athttp://www.redbubble.com/people/drivenbydreams.

b) I’ve decided to go back to uni next year and have been looking for a good school to go to. Some of you may know I’m now based in Byron Bay in northern New south Wales, Australia. it’s paradise here and I’ve been looking for a school close by. I think I’ve decided on The Northern Rivers Conservatorium in Lismore. One of my favourite musician/story tellers ever lectures there. Her name is Kristina Olsen and she’s unbelievable if you ever get to watch her live.

c)I’ve recently started a duo with my good friend Anna O’Donnell. Anna plays fiddle, mandolin, cello and piano. She’s one gifted lady. Anna and her uber talented banjo and steel grass playing hubby Dylan have just ordered a grand piano to forcibly squash into their duplex so I’m itching for the exciting music sessions to come at Anna’s place.

I have oodles more news and lots and lots in the pipelines. I went to a Vipassana mediation retreat for 10 days to be silent and present. I came up with a gazillion new ideas for shows and tours and music videos (all this while being silent and present…ummmm…) and I’m excited about bringing them to fruition in the coming days, months and year.

Big love to all of you and thanks for taking the time to read my first official annavanriel.com blog. Woah! I have a website. I have a website. I have a website. PINCH*

Take care and I look forward to hearing from you

Love Anna x

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