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I got an email from the Conservatorium of Music in Lismore the other day. Turns out they don’t have enough students to run their advanced diploma. GUTTED! I was so amped about getting amongst that space and really exploring this tweaking urge to lay on a piano and sing jazz. Oh well, I’ll find another way.

So I’m back to square one and looking again at my options. There’s a music degree at the university in Lismore. Ironically it’s the exact same degree that I started back in my stomping ground of Invercargill NZ. I couldn’t make myself finish that course for various reasons including the sub antarctic weather and my resistance at the time against authority in general. Ooooh, what a renegade. But seriously, in the last three years I feel like I’ve really come into myself which is guiding me into the far more relaxing existence of doing things because they feel right, opposed to doing things because I feel like that’s what I have to do to be someone, or becasue society says it’s the ‘right’ thing to do. You have to learn to follow your heart on this path and do, as one of my favourite lecturers Susan Jeffers recommends, Dance with life’. I’m getting there but often still trip over my own feet and generallyl on the simple stuff like the box step sigh.

What’s really flowing for me right now is my little mobile massage business. Go figure! I put little hand written signs up on notice boards all over town with a funny little cartoon of a nudie lady on a massage table with a towel over her bum and me smiling and massaging. Mobile masseuse, right to your door. Woop! I’ve got a base clientele now and they’re all calling me a healer which is pretty humbling. One client told me that after his treatments with me he feels full of love. Cuuuuuuuuuuuute! Please note that there is no ‘special’ techniques involved in my massage. The only love I share is love from the heart, although it’s becoming clear that if I were so inclined I could make a small fortune if I were to consider adding a happy ending to my treatments. One bloke called up and was dead serious when he asked if I did any massage that shifted sexual energy around. Ugh! He kept asking if I did Kahuna massage. “Ya do any kahuna? Huh? Ya know, where ya shift around sexual energy?” I reply, “No sir, I’m not familiar with kahuna and I don’t do anything like that. The best you’ll get from me is an elbow in the groin”. Dead silence from the potential client until I laugh a ‘just joking’ kinda chuckle and recommend he looks in the classifieds. Oh man! Perhaps these enquiries come due to the fact I have on my poster Previous massage therapist to Prince Albert of Monaco. Who knows? The good news is that most of my enquiries are from people wanted to release tension in places I’m willing to touch, like the neck and shoulders. Remind me to dig up my old diary entries from Monaco and the time I massaged Prince Albert and walked in on him in the nude sitting on the toilet. True story.

My most exciting news lately is that I have put together a winning band for the Red Deer Festival that’s happening in Brisbane on the 26th and 27th of June. My old uni buddy Julz de Maria has put together a great crew and is launching this spanky new festival. It’s an overnight camping adventure and the line up is looking awesome. You can check out details at!/event.php?eid=290843834197&ref=ts. Tickets are $50 which is a steal. My band consists of Anna O’Donnell on fiddle, Dylan O’Donnell on slide guitar and banjo, Ben Allen on lead guitar and me doing my usual thing. This talented crew all sing amazingly and I’m buzzing about performing my songs with the emphasis and energy I’ve always dreamed of for them.

Anna O and I have been rehearsing as well as a duo. We’ve been calling ourselves Anna Squared for lack of a better title and spend our rehearsal sessions eating chocolate and drinking cups of tea and really jamming out. It feels unreal to play with her. Today I’m on the blower booking us gigs around the shire. I’ll keep you posted on that.

The other breaking news is that I have chickens. There’s four which are so far called Henny Penny, Henrietta (how original) Hendrix and…well, we need one more name. I might have to facebook that one and get some suggestions. It feels good to be giving all the food scraps to them and I’m looking forward to collecting the first batch of eggs. Come on girls. Start layin! Oh and that’s right….I’m FINALLY getting my albums mastered. Solar Panel, which I recorded at Flame studios over 2006/2007 is currently reopened and is being all vamped up with the studio’s talented engineer Geoff Burn. He’s also mastering my latest album Einey Meiny Miney Mo which I have yet to launch. Can’t wait. All the songs have done laps around the block and have been entered in competitions, played on indie and internet radio stations around the globe, sold online and as merch on tour, and I’m finally getting htem mastered. I’m so pleased about this. I’m aiming to have them ready and all packaged up by mid June so if you’d like a copy email me at [email protected]. Albums will be $20 +p&p.

I have my tiny neice Tasmin with me from NZ. Her Mum and Dad have shot off for the day so we’re building huts and gonna eat fish n chips at the big prawn in Ballina. Ahhh, good times.

My love to you all and love to hear from you via facebook, myspace or twitter.

Take care kiddlywinks.

Love Anna x

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