A pebble in a tour pool

Ooooooooooooh, just a quicky but I thought I’d better share my latest exciting news (do I say that a lot?).

Yesterday I had a rehearsal with my fabulously gorgeous friend Kathryn Jones for a performance at the Mad Hatters Tea Party variety show this Friday. Kathryn asked me to play and sing with her during her set which I feel so honoured to do. She’s a cheeky, naughty, sultry, quick witted hunk-a-va-woman which I connect with entirely. I love that about her and enjoy our music sessions. I met kathryn at a folk night in Mullumbimby when i first moved back to Byron Bay a few months ago. She was performing with a local friend and something about her reminded me heaps of another super talented woman I know in NZ, Gilly Pugh. I had to tell her how much I enjoyed her energy on stage, not to mention that she has a Kiwi twin. We hit it off right away and began talking about touring and I mentioned NZ. She said she’d always wanted to tour NZ so I caught up with her at her home to eat cake and share my knowledge on that.

Yesterday was the first time I’ve caught up with Kathryn, other than email, in about two months but the chemistry was there right away. She’s so much fu to be around and her songs are fabulous. She even has a naughty cowgirl song. Awesome! I always wanted one of those!

During our session I shared some new musical and event ideas I have been brewing up, mostly at places like a Vipassana meditation retreat where the aim of the game is NOT to let your mind wonder but to remain equanimous and present. Anyhow, the quiet environment enticed a plethora of creative ideas for me and I’ve been dying to share them with Kath ever since. To cut a long story short Kathryn concluded that she is super keen to be a part of all my crazy antics as am I with hers and we are talking about a New Zealand tour in January 2011. Woop! I love NZ in January and would love to show Kath around. So! If anyone has a van they want to lend or give us that works and is reliable that would be unreal. If it doesn’t have inbuilt subs and DVD players with a jacuzzi in the back we understand. You support will still be much appreciated.

I’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned….

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