Anna van Riel Album Launch- join the party!!!

Hello friends, family and fans,

As of today I am the proud creator of two fully mastered original albums. Solar Panel and Einey Meiny Miney Mo have been my labours of love over the past 3 1/2 years, all done on a barter system and all an honest and heart felt expression of my thoughts and experiences over the past few years. Geoff Burn of Flame Studio’s has just finished the final master and I would like to thank him for his time, and particularly my Mum Willie for funding this massive process of mastering and for believing in me wholeheartedly.

The last four years have been a great musical adventure and I am excited to say that after all the hard work I have finally reached a threshold and now find myself constantly involved in musical endeavors. Amongst some of my achievements since 2005 I have toured New Zealand twice (2009/10), both tours self managed. I have ridden over the Himalayas on an Enfield motorcycle to play at the worlds highest music festival The Confluence (2009), Performed twice for Prince Albert of Monaco (2005/08), gained a certificate and the first year towards my bachelor of contemporary music and most recently, launched my official website. I am now based in Byron Bay where I am establishing my new band and submerging myself in the abundant music culture of this region. I am also headed back to University next year to finish my degree. So many wonderful things are flowing my way and I feel exceptionally blessed and closer by the day to being a full-time, self sufficient, independent original musician.

The pivotal point I have reached now is one where I find myself with a fabulous product (my albums) but no means of financing the replication of them. Most of my performance are currently community based and voluntary. All shows are excellent profile strengtheners and it is at these shows that I sell my merchandise e.g, CD’s, which is where I make the money that finances my music career. On tour in NZ for example I sold close to 150 albums in 10 weeks. This is excellent considering I am an independent artist and collect 100% of the takings on album sales opposed to a signed artist who gains $0.50c-$2.00 per album.

The objective of this email is to reach out to my supporters and strive to collectively work to raise the $2,500AU I currently need to print my two newly mastered albums.

The process of creating quality copies of these albums is called replicating. The difference between replicating opposed to duplicating (where albums are simple copied like you can do on your home computer), is that each album has the highest quality edition of the data pressed into the disc, therefore offering listeners the highest quality sound. Replication costs substantially more than duplicating but for obvious and worthwhile reasons. I have two magical ladies on the case of designing my album covers (Daan and Dorien @ driven by dreams) and this time I would like to print my album covers as cardboard sleeves as a more environmentally aware option to the plastic cases. I have researched the most affordable printer and have sourced a company in Melbourne that will reproduce my albums for $1.81 per copy, all printed and packaged and ready to hit my listeners mailboxes and stereos. Hooray! This is the most affordable option I have found as all other were above $3.00 per unit. I feel that by raising the funds collectively with small contributions by many I have a good chance of reaching my goal, rather than competing in the funding arena with so many other artist, as I have done for so long now.

I write to you all in the hope that you may be in a position to sponsor, if only a small amount, the evolution of my greatest musical achievement yet. If you think you are in a position to help or perhaps know of someone, whether it’s a friend, associate, business or organisation, who might be willing to support creative original New Zealand/Australian music (and Dutch too I suppose as I am a resident of all three) then I would be most grateful for your encouragement to them in supporting my dreams.

I have included my account details in both NZ and Australia. Aussie is better as it will save me the conversion rate but all contributions to wherever are hugely appreciated. If you feel that you would like to support the printing of these two great albums then I would be so incredibly grateful. If you include the reference CD FUND with your deposit and in another box YOUR NAME then I will know it’s from you and that it is for my music. You can also send me a reply email with your postal address so I can post you off the two albums once they have arrived. You can find a running commentary on this exciting event on my website

Australia Anna van Riel Westpac BSB: 733120 ACC: 614750

New Zealand Anna van Riel National Bank ACC: 06-0943-0081475-00

Also, Paypal is another option. The email address I use on paypal is [email protected]

I would like to conclude that there is no way I would have reached this awesome place I find myself now if it weren’t for the support you have offered me so far. That in itself is worth it’s weight in gold and the fact that I feel that I can approach you, regardless of the outcome, is a gift in itself and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You are magic!

With love

Anna van Riel

Einey Meiny Miney Mo (the newly mastered) Einey meiny Miney Mo




June 15, 2010 – 8:11 PM

Holey Moley, I have a taker already. I’ll keep you posted on the outcome x

Posted by Annavanriel

June 15, 2010 – 8:14 PM

Jude Battson from New Zealand just donated $150 and Cameron Kurth from the USA is figuring out how to make an international transfer. I’m bawling my eyes out. This is already overwhelming. I can see myself getting very emotional over this.
You people are amazing x

Posted by Annavanriel

June 16, 2010 – 11:31 PM

Cam from the US just paypaled me $200USD and Kathryn Harrison deposited $50NZD.
Unreal! At this rate I’ll be there in no time flat. Woohoo!

Posted by Annavanriel

June 19, 2010 – 9:34 AM

Nick Rushton of the Gold Coast $50AUD

Kylie Switalli of Invercargill, NZ $20NZD

Miranda Mack of the UK $20AUD

Thanks guys xoxoxoxox

Posted by Annavanriel

June 23, 2010 – 7:51 PM

Vicky and Jamie Urquhart from Wanaka NZ donated $100NZD

So far I’ve raised around $700 of the $2,500 needed for my plight to press my newly mastered albums. Most of it’s come from NZ. Thanks so much everyone. I’ll have these albums out there in no time.

Posted by Annavanriel

July 7, 2010 – 9:24 PM

Alex More just donated $100USD. Hooray! I’m a third of the way!

Posted by Annavanriel

November 25, 2010 – 5:22 AM

hi Anna. I like your song. your song is too good. Some days ago my friends heard your song, they also like it. We all are becoming your true fans.

Posted by stiv carlos

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