She’s all go!

Howdy family,

Fruition! I feel like things are falling into place. I moved back to Byron in early March with wild hopes of following the music dream and finding a place where I could practice and create and eventually just share and share and share. Hasn’t it been a journey? Bloody oath,as the Aussie’s so aptly put it. My photo albums on facebook are a fine example of all the musical dabbling I’ve done over the past months…..years….lifetime. Man! It’s been intense. The thing with being amusician you see, is that it can be such a challenge to find like-minded music folks to collaborate with. The disappointment I’ve experienced so far…..huh. The ups and down have been overwhleming at times. I’ve cried this years like a little kid who’s been told they can’t go to their best mates place on a boring Sunday afternoon when it’s deemed to be the coolest Sunday ever, yet in saying that I’ve had some ups that’ve had me spring boarding all over the living room like a wild chicken (I have a thing for chickens these days if anyone hasn’t noticed). Scotty ‘Cosmic’ Templeton moved to Oz to make music with me after an increidble month of collaborating together late in 2008. We dreamt of this magnetic reincarnation for over a year, yet when we rejoined it was almost as if the memory and the idea of it has created a pressure that was fit to overcook at the point of contact. Does that make sense? Anyway, that’s what perhaps happened and Scotty ran for the hills while I sat through a 10 day silent meditation trying to find solace and a balance for all the manic music and idea that wrestle each other in my head sigh. Somethings gotta give. Scott and I made some magic music and memories during our short reuniting, and I’d like to thing that some day soon we can meet and rock it out again. He’s off to hunt the Himalayas and is destined to come home with some overwhelming food for thought, not to mention food for awesome new music.

I moved here especially to be close to the enigmatic and genuinely spiritually talented Anna O’Donnell, fiddle, piano, cello, mandolin and singer extrodinaire. I worked so hard at not getting myself too highly revved for musical time with Anna, while I chomped at the bit and waited for her to come to me. And eventually she did. And when we’re together and working together lighting flashed and sparks fly and everything lines up and all is well in my world. I think it’s during those moments that I trasmit some super powerful frequency that magnitizes like-minded others and I’d like to thing that’s how I found Kathryn Jones. Kathryn Jones emits one of the most open and loving hearts I’ve met to date and works her music with a passion and love that’s so genuine and true-of-self that you know that when you’re making music with Kathryn Jones you’re getting the real thing. She’s coming from a heart place and the coolst thing for me is that she’s willing to share her love and time for music with me. I put an order in to the Universe canteen for a super wopper delux music partner and she gave me Kathryn Jones. The trouble Since then the Swingin’ Cowgirls have taken form and this humming bird has taken flight. It’s like I’ve just found the coal for this bog old steam train and now we’re humming down the tracks.

Two weekends ago (18th June) I opened the first ever Red Deer Music festival in Brisbane with Anna O’Donnell (fiddle) Kathryn Jones (vocals and guitar) and Dylan O’Donnell (Banjo and Vocals). It was such a brilliant feeling to stand on that stage with such great and talented friends and to feel so supported. What a rush! I feel like the trouble with me at times is that I want everything to happen ….NOW! I mean now for Gods sake and I feel at such a loss if I’m working at something and don’t see the results immediately. This new mediation experience is teaching me about being in the present and enjoying the moment while it’s here instead of pushing for something that has yet to even arrive. How silly and complex we humans can be. I see what I do, yet do it again and again.

So now, my challenge is to try and remain present and work at being in this very precious moment because….see….it’s already gone!

The Sydney Song Summit has soaked me in a gazillion tonnes of valuable information tha I am still trying to get my head around while I attempt to remain present and not get overwhelmed by the hurdels to come. It’s all good news. The hurdles are all part of this exciting adventure and I’m stoked to be living it and feeling like it’s all building the dream.

Thanks for being a part of it…truly!

Bit of a star gazer entry but I know you get it.

I love hearing from you so keep writing.

Thanks for all the support. My Album release fund has reached $700. This is a great feat so far. Still need to gather another $1,800. I’ve applied for some grant and entered at least 712 competitions I reckon. At least it feels like it.

Love to you all

Your mind is like a parachute…it functions only when open.

Love Anna x

Anna van Riel at Red Deer Festival
Red Deer Festival


Cabaret Da Desh
Cabaret Da Desh
The Swingin' Cowgirls with a very tall....lady?
The Swingin’ Cowgirls with a very tall….lady?

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