Knock knock, who’s there?

Could somebody please remind me whose idea it was to embark on a U.S tour with an almost toddler in my arms, a giant property at my feet and a seriously stubborn case of baby brain? Could I be MAD?! Quite likely is the correct answer, yet still you find me here, chugging away at the logistics with the penultimate goal of bringing this whole shebang together. And you know what? I plan to do it and it’s going to be great.

At some stage earlier in the year the epiphany of touring my music through sustainable and earth-conscious homes in the States came to me with the visitation of New Yorker Gideon Irving who I have mentioned in earlier blogs. Gideon cycled the length of NZ, singing his enchanted tunes to the listening ears of Kiwi’s in their own homes and we were lucky enough to be his host during his Wanaka visit. I became so inspired by his dynamic and heart-warming approach to entertaining that I embraced it for my own and the Whistle and Tour Hum idea was born. Several months on I find myself in the thick of it. Album recording sessions have begun with The East’s Graeme Woller (sound engineer/producer) and Liv McBride (producer) who, as part of the sustainable theme, have traded their super powers for mine and agreed to record me in exchange for a string of gig bookings. Awesome! Ms Jo Little (Till the Blue Skies Come) and partner Jared Smith (Ash and the Matadors) are also using their powers for good on this tour and are now team funding/album cover supremeness. Another nifty exchanging of skills. Thanks guys.

Highly exciting is the participation of photographer and film-maker Ryan Larraman who I have been working with filming my crowd funding mini documentary for the tour. It’s such an honour to be working with this guy. I’m very pleased to be able to trade music lessons for his family but more importantly food grown on our land. I’ve been planting every seed imaginable with my green-thumbed sister-in-law Gabriel and look forward to loading up seasonal boxes of organic goodness for this awesome man and his beautiful family. Check out some of Ryan’s handy work here I’d like to thank everyone for the very exciting and supportive response I received to my last blog. We’ve been invited to so many homes including an Island covered in earth houses (rad!), sustainable communities in both Canada and the USA (this tour could get big) and received endless cool tips on places to go and routes to take. Thank you so much. All your suggestions are being loving filed away in my colourful tour book. Keep em’ coming. I love hearing all of your ideas. Currently I’m focusing on the funding side of the tour with the constant theme of sourcing the money in clever ways to show both myself and other creatives that if you want to achieve your goals you don’t need to be limited by money. The currency of skills, the creating of fundraisers and accessing funding and grants are all excellent options for your project. My overall goal for the Whistle and Hum tour is to hone my performance skills while playing to a supportive and listening audience, gather knowledge on sustainability to bring home and share with my own community and to do this with my family close by, learning alongside me. That’s living the dream as far as I’m concerned. I would also love to mentor others on how to bring their vision together and to share what I have learned.

I aim to do you, my wonderful supportive audience, justice in my endeavor to create and execute a tour that will inspire and rouse people for years to come, just as Gideon did for me. As usual I well up with the urge to thank everyone who keep on believing in my kooky dreams and visions but I’m lucky enough to admit that the list is too long to add to this blog. I do, however, have to mention my amazing parents who always say, “Go for it darl” and remind me that I can do that for Matilda too. And of course my best friend and hubby Lox for always saying “Sure, sounds great”. And finally to tiny Matilda who just had 10 days in isolation with collapsed lungs and came out laughing just remind us all not to dwell on the past but to just be entirely in the moment. What a kid! My next update will be the launching of my mini film along with the official launching of the Whistle and Hum tour. GULP! This is exciting!

I leave you with this… ‘Here’s to our future. The only limitations re the limits of our imagination. Dream up the kind of world you want to live in. Dream out loud at high volume. That’s what we do for living’ . Bono

Love to you all

Anna xoxo

Trailer notes: • Please forward this blog on to friends and family you think might be interested. Thanks to those of you in the States who sent my last blog on to so many others. I had loads of excited emails from your friends. • I am looking for ideas for prizes to give to candidates who support me through my crowd funding project that I’ll be launching next month. If you have any ideas I’d love to hear them. • This blog has been emailed to my mailing list with 2 free tracks. If you are not on my email list and would like to receive these tracks please email me at [email protected]

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