Captain! We’re almost ready to launch

Writing a blog is still something that baffles me. In the first instance, someone has to care about you have to say and then you personally have to feel that what you have to say is worthy and then somehow you have to type it out in a way that’s readably tantalizing. Pruh! What I can say is that I am never short of epic news to keep my blog fires burning. Whether I’m catching on to any literary techniques as I go is questionable. Therefore, I humbly thank you for being here in my 2nd paragraph and say “Welcome! Welcome to my recent blog. I have much to tell”.

Dirty ol’ facebook and I have a love/hate relationship and for any of you who follow my posts I imagine you’re sometime in a state of confusion as I threaten to leave. I’m torn between the desire to inform the awesome folks who support what I do and my primal urges to scrap all technology and shove my hands in the earth. Or better still, join my baby daughter and eat mud (We’ve got good mud here). I eventually always conclude that I’m a sucker and I do appreciate the tools that facebook offer me in regards to supporting my music.

The Whistle and Hum USA House Concert Tour preparations are well under way. I made an almighty push in an exciting direction when I began applying for arts funding through CreativeNZ. My application required over 40 support documents in the way of industry references, letters from Kiwi musicians backing me, quotes for all expenses and of course invites from welcoming homes in the States. I scraped these all together in the 3 1/2 weeks I had to make it happen and was in the final throws of my application when life hurled me a curve ball and we ended up back in hospital with Matilda, our 18 month-old daughter. Poor kid man. Her rough start means she’ll potentially be challenged by every common cold that passes her way. Good news is we made it home after just one night, still ill but not critical like she was just 2 months prior when we had 10 days in isolation. What a drag. What a kid :O)

In a nutshell, I missed the funding deadline. However, it seems it was a blessing in disguise. With the impending launch of my mini showcase documentary I have discovered that footage like this is appreciate by the funding bodies so by the next funding round I aim to have received a great response to the amazing work of Ryan Larraman, film-maker and director of my mini film. I also have a stack of amazing support documents to put towards other funding opportunities and a much clearer idea of our tour route. Thank you so so much to everyone who emailed me a support letter or invite. It’s been quite possibly the most ‘feel-good’ and encouraging experience I’ve had in this life yet.

Launch date is impending. We’re in the final moments of editing which is utterly exciting. I can’t wait to share this cool project and Ryan’s awesome work. Stay tuned in on the magically informative space I call my (beloved) facebook music page We’re almost ready for take-off

Love Anna xo

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