Thank you baby, thank you honey!

Merry Christmas and a New Year of true awesomeness, inspiration and crazy ideas.

I’m finishing off 2012 by rereading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Bloody great book. Small and brilliant.

Thanks a MILLION again for your support with my fundraising campaign. Clearly I have an amazing support network and I am still totlly buzzing about what a success it was. One thing I really wanted to address was that I very much misunderstood that all pledges would be taken in US dollars. The campaign site asked me what country I was in, what country my bank was in and in what currency I would like to be paid. I assumed all pledges would be charged in Kiwi dollars and as an old teacher of mine would have said, “to ass-u-me makes an ass of you and me”. I would like to offer a refund of the difference you were charged to anyone who would like that unexpected withdrawal back. A $25 pledge worked out at around $30NZD. Some of you knew, but like me, some did not and I apologies.

I plan to run a few more fundraisers before our trip including the ‘HOME GROWN RAFFLE’ which will be a cornicopia of awesome handy prizes provided by trade people in my community (eg: beauty treatments, handyman hours, full body massage, a fashion styling session, a children’s entertainment concert, knife sharpening and much much more) This one is for my local support crew. I’ll also be running a ‘Whistle and Hum Album Pre-Sales Campaign’ so you can pre order your copy of the album. Your purchase will help bring the album together. Current release date is mid April.

So, without further ado……….

Thank you baby, thank you honey Thanks for the love and thanks for the money It’s been swell, A-OK I’m off to the USA

Thanks for believing in what I’m a dreamin’ All of my crazy ideas and scheming You’ve made all my dreams come true I couldn’t do it without you

Watch it here…

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