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Things are really hotting up for the tour now and our itinerary is looking rather packed. There have been so many crazy and beautiful synchronicities with the tour that have helped to bring it together so far. A great example is the couple who are house sitting for my parents while my Mum visits Holland for the first time since she immigrated at the age of two, and while my Dad is on the road. Mum had met this couple in our tiny local village and started chatting. They’d been camping at the local campground in their wee camper and seemed super lovely. After a while, and feeling intuitively that they were good sorts, Mum asked them if they’d be interested in staying at home. They were overwhelmed and delighted and are now settled in. At my gig on Sunday night I had a chat to them and it turns out that the guy is from a little Island off Victoria in Canada called Gabriola. It just so happen that I’m headed there after being invited by a friends Mum. What are the chances?

I’ve also managed to submit a song to the APRA (Australian performing rights association) Country Song of the Year awards 2013 with my new song If I didn’t have you. Danny Fairley, who is the sound engineer for my album, did an amazing job of bringing it all together just in the nick of time.

I’m so relieved to say that I found the most incredible vocal tutor to me with the healing of my voice after the serious bout of larangitus I got when Matilda went into hospital last. It just didn’t seem to want to come right. Lisa Tui Jonothan, my vocal coach takes a holistic approach to healing the voice and helping to release trauma. I’ve been feeling a bit of anticipation with Matilda’s impending surgery to close her stomach muscles. We just recieved an appointment letter to talk about it from the specialist who we haven’t seen in almost a year so I’ve been a little more sensitive than usual. Lisa has some really gentle and incredibly helpful approaches to releasing off tension and past anxiety as well as re-teaching the voice to be at it’s best. I feel incredibly honoured to be working with her.

On Sunday I was followed around for the day by TV One’s Seven Sharp presenter Hadyn Jones who is creating a story about my Whistle and Hum tour with a focus on the contra-trading aspect of what I’ve been creating. I’ll keep you posted on when that will run but I can tell you that what ever day it screens the time will be seven sharp.

Finally, I’m now seeking official sponsors for my tour. If you love the ideas and concepts behind theWhistle and Hum USA Sustainable House Concert Tour 2013 and would like to become a sponsor in whatever capacity that may be I would be most honoured to have you on board. All sponsors and their logos will be shown on my website as well s my page. Examples of sponsorship may be:

*Verbally- One of the best and most supportive things you can do is share this project on and let your friends and family know. I’ve recieved an amazing amount of invites, support and encouragment from people far and wide who heard about my tour from people like you. Product Sponsorship- eg: sound gear, car rental, clothing, hair styling Financially- The whistle and Hum tour budget comes to $30,000 so financial support in any capacity is amazing support

You can reach me at [email protected]

To become a sponsor of the Whistle and Hum USA and Canada Sustainable House Concert Tour 2013 click here: btn_donatecc_lg

Photography by Terzann
Photography by Terzann

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