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Bringing to you an update on the Whistle and Hum Tour which kicks off in Vancouver B.C in 6 weeks. Arggggggggggggghhhh! (Wanaka mountains reverberate into their distant valleys).

The tour preparations are coming to a climax with a string of highs and lows, including the odd moment were I stand on a rake and ask myself what on God’s green earth I’m doing. But overall I’m proud and very pleased to report that we’re nearly on our way with everything in order.

The Whistle and Hum album is moments from being completed with local producer and engineer Danny Fairley achieving the momentus and impressively done job of bringing it all together . What a dude he is. He’s even played a plethora of instruments, including banjo, mandolin, guitar, lead guitar, percussion and cow bells, to bring it all together. I’m now just finishing vocals and harmonies and frantically trying to source a sultry sounding male vocalist for my one duet on the album after unfortunately losing the person I had organised.

I’m in need of $5672.75 (to be exact) in order to release this album and have applied for 3 lots of funding and have a string of shows to perform in order to raise the funds. I even spoke for Rotary last week for free, giving powerpoint presentation on the tour, life and what’s growing behind my couch, and was utterly gobsmacked and stoked when the 50 listeners walked out with $300 worth of albums. Thank you Rotary! On that not, I have a great speech, powerpoint presentation and a new albums worth of songs to perform and would be delighted to come and speak for your club if you’d like to have me.

I had an Irish wwoofer (willing working on organic farms) come to stay and work on my album cover in photoshop, but he got a job offer in Queenstown and left before finishing the project. These are the joys of contra-trading you see. So I am now looking for a clever nut to finish this job in exchange for real or virtual hugs and cupcakes.

Whistle & Hum Album Cover
Whistle & Hum Album Cover

I’m also seeking a car hire sponsor in Canada or the States. I’m convinced someone wants to sponsor us the use of a vehicle but I’ve yet to find them. I’ve creted sponsorhip letter so if you happen to know a dog, who has a neighbour with a cousin twice removed who works in the car rental business in North America I would love for you to let me know and I can send this letter their way.

I’m getting set to launch an album pre-sales campaign which will also help to raise the funds needed to launch the album. I can tell you now that Whistle and Hum is an Alt-country and Folk album full of great harmonies, loads of variety with a bluegrass twist. Yum! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the campaign to order your copy.

I can’t believe the time is almost nigh. I’ve been brewing this baby since February last year when Gideon Irving from New York came to our place for a house concert and inspired me into a new way of looking at how I perform and connect with my audience. It’s been the birth of something wonderful, and although I’m admittedly rather terrified, I’m more excited and pleased with how everything has come together.

Gideon Irving
Gideon Irving

Thank you so much for all the incredible support you’ve all been offering along the way. Again, if you happen to know a great male vocalist in Wanaka, a photoshop savvy person to finish my cover,as I am not savvy in that dept, or a car rental person in America I would love love love to hear from you.

Lots of Love

Anna xoxoxo

House Concert
House Concert

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