Moo's a big sister

Laying low and riding high

Today heralds the 5 week mark of the birth of our new baby Oscar Dragon van Urquhart who scored his winning middle name from his big sister Matilda.

The week prior to his VERY overdue delivery (19 days by my dates) I managed to attend a plethora of blimmen unbelievable music events in Southland while waiting for this kid to pop. Unfortunately he decided it was all to comfy in there and had to come out the sunroof in the end, but the entertainment factor of 3 amazing concerts made the week far more enjoyable from a hugely pregnant woman’s perspective.


One of the events was of course the NZ Country Music Awards where I was hugely (scuze the pun) honoured to be a finalist for a NZ Tui Award. Not thinking I would make it I had arranged for Southland super duo Into the East ( to perform my song Share My Fire on the night. They did me a great honour and I bawled as I reveled in the splendor of their talent and finesse as they performed my song better than me! Country Queen and one of my inspirations Tami Neilson rocked her thing at 8 months pregnant, looking absolutely goddess-like and a picture of maternal fabulousness.

Pregnant Songstresses
Pregnant Songstresses

It’s incredible what a highly efficient machine you become as a mother when you realise you have such limited time to yourself and so much attention constantly required for tiny people. Every time I step away from my music a huge surge of creative juice starts boiling up inside me and I’m trying to find clever ways to realize them while striking the balance of still getting enough sleep and making sure everything else gets done (ugh! laundry). My main goal is to gain funding and bring to fruition my dream of creating a mini documentary on sustainable touring using the footage from my Whistle and Hum house concert tour in North America last year. I’d also love to gain funding for my first music video and have employed the help of promotional superwomen Katie Thompson from Quirky Music here in NZ and Lauren Wootten Publicist from Jam Jar Music Management to support me in this. Fingers crossed on that front.

Right now however someone’s baby is hollering. Oh dang it’s mine. Here I am patting myself on the back for managing to update my blog and that poor kid needs his back patted so he can get a massive burp up. Guess that’s my cue.

Over and out

Anna x


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