Oscar and Moo

Songs, scholarships and big fat babies

Life with two. Crickey! Oscar is already close to 5 months old which seems ridiculous, we’ve been to Bali and back for a wedding and two days ago he had his first solids. Here’s me talking house but it’s pretty much the talk of the town in my neck of the woods being that there’s little time for much else. Scrubbing nappies, rolling over (him not me) and planting vege seeds for the coming summer have consumed my daily life.

What’s exciting however is the progressive movements to create a documentary on sustainable touring from the footage taken on my Whistle and Hum tour in North America last year. I have a dream to bring together a documentary that serves as a resource for touring musicians and artists alike. It will provide the tools and know-how to make your own touring dreams happen as there seems to be a real opening for this kind of thing in the arts arena. I’ve applied for the AMP ‘Do your Thing’ Scholarship here in NZ and have all my fingers and toes crossed for the announcement on Monday which will let me know if I’m a finalist. Eeeeek!

On our property I currently have two incredible woofers who tidied up an old office space in our shed so I could practice with my new loop pedal and harmoniser. I was so moved. It’s been so tempting to say yes to gig offers but with tiny people in my midst and the sudden realisation that they’re tiny for such a moment in time I’m holding off and just doing the odd really special show. In the meantime I’ve been sifting through the footage from tour and getting prepared for some serious editing sessions with filmmaker Ross Mackay from my hometown of Hawea with a focus remaining on keeping it local.

Stay tuned via my http://www.facebook.com/annavanrielmusic page on my funding progress and the progress of the documentary. Fingers crossed. You gotta be in to win right?


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