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Van Riel’s Album a Recipe for Success in Child Development

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van Riel’s New Album a Recipe for Success in Child Development

2014 New Zealand Music Awards Finalist, Anna van Riel is making a difference to the development of children through her upcoming album, Cooking Up A Song.

The album is bursting with fun and imaginative songs that encourage children up to 7 years old to interact through making sound and copying actions – all the while contributing to their positive development.

“Our children’s development is vitally important during their first seven years,” says Anna. “During this time they mimic everything we do as well as master developmental skills like speech, balance, gestures and all things physical. As their carers they imitate us so it is crucial that what we offer them as this time is quality content they can carry forth into their grown up lives.”

The album is a valuable resource for carers of children everywhere, including at home, in kindergartens and schools, at playgroups and other community groups.

In April/May 2015 Anna toured kindergartens in Wanaka and Lake Hawea, New Zealand, performing songs from the album to hundreds of children and their teachers.

Really catchy, interactive and engaging for all our tamariki.

-Gemma, Head teacher Oanaka preschool room.

Anna’s songs are awesome, often based in nature, using te reo Maori and easy to follow actions they are interactive and promote an understanding of and love for music in our small people.

-Enger Pelosi Fear, teacher at Riverside Educare

Neuroscience has shown that singing is actually one of the most powerful ways to build strong brains in children. Liz Malushnig- Family counselor/parent coach

The album can be pre-purchased by making a pledge to Anna’s crowdfunding campaign at by 21 May 2015, when the target must be reached to be successful.

“The songs are ready, and the children love them. It’s time to make the album come to life!” says Anna.

In addition to the songs, a ‘Cookbook/songbook’ is being produced offering with clever suggestions and tips on how to engage musically with children through listening to the album, and in general along with family friendly recipes.

PledgeMe Campaign

Album Preview

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van Riel’s Album a Recipe for Success in Child Development

Anna van Riel Playing music with children

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