ASA Music Awards 2016 Best Children's song for 'Cooking up a song'.

Rounding off 2017

Merry Christmas everyone and may 2017 bring you abundance and joy and all that you hope to manifest in the new year.

2016 was a bit of a munter in the end. I was grateful it ended with a bang, bringing successful funding, a lovely wee grant from my local Lion’s Club for a wireless mic set for my children’s shows and my awesomely Best Chidlren’s Song in the Australian Songwriters Association in Sydney. They flew me over and the evening was a stunning in a big old theatre with an amazing pipe organ that miraculously appeared from out of the stage.


Beside taking a mammoth collection of the worlds musical greats I found 2016 brought with it a painful collection of challenges for, what appeared to be, the sisterhood. Chicks in general seem to be sharing that some planetary energy, shamanic force, or even lessons from God have been inflicted this year, and it’s been hard to scramble out of the murk to the golden pastures at the end of the year.
My greatest hardship has been a continuous loss of voice which resulted in getting a camera down my throat to ensure no nodules had formed. As it happened I had what is called a “glottal chink”. My vocal cords have become to restricted that they’re refusing to close properly, causing air to pass through and resulting in vocal loss. Painful vocal loss at that.
The upside is that I’ve managed to find an amazing speech therapist to try and learn vocal techniques I oddly never got taught in my early vocal lessons, or during my time at music school. I’m now on the mend, and with 2017 looking set to be a busy one I’m feeling more confident that my voice will perform for, along with my new-found knowledge of the mechanics of the voice. I have a feeling I may discovered a voice I’ve never known before.

Thank you for the support in 2016. I feel that the new year will bring a stronger focus to my children’s shows while I focus on the growth of my own young family.
February and April both bring with them children’s tours which are focused on visiting children in remote areas. I’m particularly excited about this.

January 1st is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one!”


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