Super stock, medicine soup

Super stock, medicine soup

If there’s even a hint of a sniffle in my house I crank out a bone marrow broth, immediately feeling the equilibrium of health falling back into balance.

Stocks and bone marrow broths are an age-old super cure for everything from the common coughs and cold, the a true life-force when you’re laid out on your sick bed.

Both incredibly healing for your gut flora, and alkalising, a simple broth can do wonders for energising, and of course hydrating a run down system.

What I really love about stocks is that they eliminate waste. Clearly it was designed in a time where we didn’t throw any parts of our food away, and the last nutrients were carefully collected to keep everyone fed and in good health.

For the vegetarian, a delicious broth can offer a multitude of vitamins and minerals, although topping your soup up with a sneaky spoon of coconut oil, or even coconut cream and great handfuls of fresh herbs will add a supportive perk for your system.

Today I’m going to share my recipe for bone marrow broth.
Having followed a vegetarian diet for 16 years it seems crazy now to think about how I ever did without this wondrous potion.  I promise I’m not dramatising when I share that, supping spoonfuls of nutritious homemade bone marrow broths can instantly change me from a cold, deflated germ target, to a perky, rejuvenated and comforted happy person (for lack of more poetic and descriptive words). And for this reason alone, my children call this recipe….


Medicine Soup

In a pot throw:


  • Dog bones in the super market are just regular stock bones. Go for the ones that have been cut through big marrow-filled parts, and with fatty, joint parts.
  • Alternatively a chicken frame is also great. You can sometimes buy organic frames at your local wholefood store, or you can throw the frame in after a roast chook.
  • Fish frames and heads are also great, but be mindful to just simmer, and for less time, rather than bring to a rolling boil.

Bay leaves

Parsley Stalks

Chopped carrot chunks



Medium-sized roughly chopped onion

A healthy splash of apple cider vinegar


Bring this whole she-bang to a rolling boil, then turn down to a simmer with the lid on. Let it boil away for a good hour (or if you’re forget like me, then 6) before straining through a metal colander.
Remove the meat from the bones, and chop up the cooked carrots and throw them in with the strained broth.

At this point you can get creative. If it’s a beef broth I sometimes like to add chopped tomatoes and then head down the minestrone track with lentils, noodles and loads of veggies.

You can also add coconut cream and spices to create an asian-style soup or leave clear to create a Vietnamese Pho.

If you prefer a lighter, brothy medicine soup, you can add a sprinkling of your favourite stock powder (I like this one pictured), soy sauce or tamari, more fresh herbs and some finely chopped greens along with some grated ginger and carrot.


Apple cider vinegar is key. It helps draw the minerals from the bones and enhances the flavour like a natural MSG 😉

Removing skins from carrots reduces the risk of your soup turning faster. It’s not so bad with the stock as carrots are later removed. But if re-added, be sure to give them a wee peel.

If you didn’t grow your onions yourself, or get from an organic shop be sure to remove the skin. Onions are one of the most sprayed veggies, to avoid mould and sponginess

Peeled and topped & tail store bought carrot as commercial growers use nasty defoliants to remove hairy bits. Chemicals like these mess with your gut flora.

Pre-sprout lentils and pulses to bring them back to life and add extra nutrients to your soup. They also cook way faster.



To make a vegetarian rendition of a medicine soup head out to the garden and pick yourself a herb posie. Wild and organic herbs offer more intense flavours and are nutrient rich. However, if you can only access store bought herbs then go for it. Your soup will still be choice.

Add all of the ingredients above that suit your diet and then add a bucket load of fresh vegetables, your herbs and an extra onion.

Bring to the boil then simmer with the lid on for 30 mins.

If you prefer a broth to sup then strain and add your favourite flavours including tamari, cumin seeds, grated ginger and more apple cider.


Enjoy <3



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