NZ Silver Scrolls

  1. This years Silver Scroll Awards, hosted in Dunedin Town Hall showcased the work of some of our country’s most proactive and progressive artists.
    I, in particular, was revelling in the fact that all 5 nominees were fellows sisters (Go the girls).


My date for the night was my fabulous cousin Lily Jackson and lead singer of Auckland jazz rock band BewyldabeasT.

The night was a fantastic, shoulder-rubbing, champagne guzzling epic of which I was most grateful to be invited to.

Well done NZ on having so many fine musical ladies in our midst. You rock!



Lily Jackson, Anna van Riel, Liv McBride and Katie Thompson- my dream chick band right here.


Annah Mac, Katie Thompson & Anna van Riel at the 2017 Silver Scroll Awards in Dunedin, NZ


Tami Neilsen revels at Lily Jackson’s handmade jacket with “The Clean” on the back.

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