DOODLEBUG- Official Music Video Launch

Doodlebug Music Video (Official)


When I received a random call from SIT animation student Traci Meek about writing some children’s songs for final uni project I could never have imagined it would lead to such an elaborate and exciting string of events.

The hugely organised and motivated Traci began by sending me her pitch bible for “Girl and the Imagination Warehouse”, a story about a little girl who has created a collection of weird and wonderful friends to cope with her pent up emotions. The songs started flowing, much inspired by the prompts of Traci’s existing lyrics and concepts, and just a couple of months later we were in the studio recording.


Girl and the Imagination Warehouse

Joined by Invercargill Musical Theatre star Libby Fraser, playing a neurotic possum made of pasta called Goldie and (prev.) Into the East’s Liv Cochrane  playing a cyber rabbit called Flash, the characters were brought to life.
I got the star role of “Girl” and her best buddy Jellybean, who doesn’t speak but does whistle.

Libby as voice for Goldie the neurotic pasta-made possum.

As an exchange, Traci had suggested a shill-share arrangement, where I write her songs and she animated one of my tracks. I chose my currently unreleased water conservation song “Mr H20”, but noted that she had an existing clip that not only fitted perfectly with my children’s track “Doodlebug” , but also portrayed a very fitting story.

The exciting news, to top it all off it that both Doodlebug and Mr H20 have been shortlisted in this years Australian Songwriters Association Awards.

Made of cables and old USB’s, Flash is a hyper cyber rabbit who doesn’t like to talk about his feelings.

Today I’m very excited to be launching the official “Doodlebug” video clip and to share that not has this been an epic collaboration, but the start of a truly awesome friendship.

Lucky me!!!

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